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SMART Saddle Sizing

Due to the flexible nature of SMART™ saddles, the sizing system is different when compared with traditional treed saddles. SMART Saddles are firstly sized for the rider, then the flexible saddle can be fitted to the horse. The SMART Balance Pad system is used where necessary to achieve optimal fit and balance for both horse and rider. The SMART saddle can accommodate different ‘width fittings’ without manual adjustment as they simply flex-to-fit.

As a general rule, if the rider is the appropriate size for their horse, then their saddle size will also be suitable for their horse. Within reason, short-backed and small horses can be comfortably ridden in slightly larger SMART™ saddles because the saddle will flex with the movement of the horse’s back, and therefore will not impinge beyond the last rib.

Factors to consider

  • Rider height
  • Rider weight
  • Hip to knee length
  • Riding style and preferred stirrup length
  • Preferred knee and thigh support

Height and weight of the rider are the most influential factors, however there are no hard and fast rules. Much is dictated by the rider’s personal preference – some preferring to be seated snugly, whilst others prefer a roomier feel. It is advisable to try more than one size where there is any doubt.

Hip to knee length; If longer than average, the rider may require a longer seat to give sufficient room to achieve optimal support. This is particularly important where a short stirrup length is adopted e.g. in the jumping models. The right choice of knee blocks can also give the required support depending on rider leg length.

The saddle style is decided according to the rider preference and the discipline it will be used for, adjustments can then be made to the fit, balance and knee/thigh support, allowing a customised feel and easy fitting of one saddle to multiple horses.

Sizing Smart-multi Discipline Saddles 2017

Where possible, a Home Consultation with a SMART Advisor is recommended to ensure optimal saddle selection when choosing a saddle. Home Consultation visits give you the opportunity to feel the difference between various sizes and models, whilst also receiving advice on optimal fit and balance for horse and rider performance.

SMART Saddle Sizing
SMART Saddle Sizing

SMART Saddles range from size 2-6, to fit our smallest to tallest customers and everyone in-between.

The table below is for general guidance only.

Sizing chart

Sizing Chart Key

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